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Welcome to makeover by Nandha

If you are looking for best bridal makeup artist in and around Chennai, then you have landed on the right page. I have done makeovers for few famous artists in Chennai. As a makeup artist , I always studying people’s faces. In my work, I love to enhance you natural beauty. For me, it’s not about creating a mask and changing their face dramatically, but more enhancing what they already have and bringing those best features forward. Beautiful skin is my signature look. Based in Chennai, I work in the fashion/skincare industry for few years and most recently ventured into the beauty side of the industry.

Bridal Makeup

Welcome to Bridal/Party Makeup

Collaboration Works

I collaborate with leading models & photographers as well as budding artists to bring up the best of my work and to have a rich portfolio.

I do paid collaborations with models, photographers for product commercials.

I do product review for startup skincare/makeup products.

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Makeover By Nandha

Please reach out to me for bridal bookings, Collaborations , Skincare routines & Makeup tips.

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